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Move It Forward

Andrew Johnson

Tee it Forward

When was the last time you played from the red or white tee’s?  Can’t remember the last time - as you are a resident blue or black powerhouse?  Now there are those who break the mold and enjoy the variety and leave their ego in the car.   Unfortunately, those rare unicorns are the exception and not the rule…. Including most of my golf comrades. 


Now as a resident mid handicapper – I’m not deep off the tee and rarely keeping up with long hitters, I am biased.  That being said – seems like everyone can agree that slow golf is the worst!  Do you think a round will be quicker or longer when you tee it forward? Don’t answer that… It’s a rhetorical question and one that the vast majority of US recreational ego golfer scoff at when anyone suggests changing the tees.   Forever chasing a score that in reality means nothing to anyone besides themselves.  I have noticed though in my travels that this chase for distance and score is predominantly existent in the US compared to other countries.  The UK for instance is filled with short pitch n putts that kids grow up playing with their families and learn the essential skills (short game) and joy of match play. 


Now I’m not immune to trying to get better and competition – when you are middle age, there are few sports available that get the competitive juices flowing like the days of yore.   But for someone who probably averages 50-100 rounds per year- maybe only 10% of those are in competition, it seems more birdie opportunities would be the preferred way to go!


Golf is a inherently social sport and if you spent the round catching up with friends or learning a little about your new playing partner – seems like you might walkaway with a better sense of fulfillment.   Just a thought from a certified golf nut.

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