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Golf Pods?

Andrew Johnson

Nov 1, 2022

The best of golf podcasts- who is in the top spot and why?


Colt Knost & Drew Stoltz (affectionally also known as Gravy & the Sleeze) are two golf degenerates that don’t take themselves too seriously and encourage a healthy dose of alcoholic hydration at all times-  or as their merch eloquently encourages,  ‘Get Amongst It’.  Colt is a short lived tour pro and US-AM champion that embodies a Chris Farley-esque physique and even better ability to commentate the best of professional golf events.  Fast talking Drew is always happy to share his illustrious career on the mini tours  (affectionally described as the ‘Jicky Jacks’ aka former Hooters Tour)  and certainly knows his way gambling world. 


Their weekly hosts are top notch – relevant, fun and well regarded among their peers from the front office, caddies, golfers and famous sports professionals – with a common theme for the undying love for the incredible game of golf.



Five friends who were brought together thru the love of game and complaining about the faults of the PGA tour have become the gold standard in podcasting and setting the bar on what golf sicko’s want to consume from of YouTube.   Their short form series like ‘Strapped’ that embody the broke college kids on a road trip mantra to play great golf on a budget and  ‘Tourist Sauce’  is just downright incredible.   Highly recommend subscribing to their POD & YouTube channel as they seem to embody a good quality of the game.   Each of the members are unique and carry a bit of charm for their respective pillars of importance – they mesh so well and seem to bring out the best of eachother ‘in their own right’.  There is a wealth of previous episodes ‘to unpack’  - not all of them being relevant but definitely worth cherry picking some of your favorite players/caddies and other notable members of the golf space.



Andy Johnson is the founder of a golf architecture heavy podcast that every golfer should be thankful for.  Seems Mr Johnson’s sole purpose is to identify and recommend incredible golf spots around the US that have flown under the radar for too long.  Since its TFE explosion over the past few years Andy is now joined by– Brendan Porath & Garret Morrison both of which have their own style and valuable insight.

This team is not afraid to call out status quo and tell it like it is – even when criticizing the goliaths of the industry.  They also have a second pod called ‘The Shotgun Start’ that moves away from the architecture and includes any and all golf related topics.


Other Notable Pods to get you started!

Talkin Golf History  - Get A Grip – Chasing Scratch – MOD Golf – The Fire Pit Podcast – The Golfers Journal Podcast


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