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We are teamates. 

Teamates is all about the drive, the community, the love of movement, and people. Founded on pure passion for sports and connection.  


Teamates began as TeeMates Golf, an app and lifestyle created by founder Lydia Davies. In her hopes to connect more people through activity. 


Lydia is an avid sports and tech lover, with a strong community pull. Teamates was created on the foundation of expat living that Lydia and her husband, Andrew experienced growing up. Sports were the ice breaker, the go to find friends.

They wanted Teamates to be adventurous, courageous and fun. Encouraging more people to get active, be confident, and get DOWN TO PLAY 

What We Are About


Sports and activity not only bring people and communities together but they improve mental and physical well being. They support and develop confidence, boundaries, accomplishments, and friendships.


Being able to make and find friends wherever you go is a gift. Being able to find friends to enjoy sports with is an opportunity. Sports meetups are the way forward for meeting new people and trying new things. Get down to play.


Here at teamates we are all about community. We strive to bring people and businesses together. When communities are formed it not only helps with social skills, support, and drive, but it creates a sense of well being and belonging. Join us! 

Meet the Team

Our Offices


Here at teamates we don't believe in sitting still. Our meetings are held at slopes, courses, by the water or over a beer and pickle ball game. Be productive and be active. 

Closeup of male and female hands handshaking. Photo with motivational text _Teamwork makes

We’d Love to Work With You

If you're interested in being on our team please reach out!

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